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At Xpressbees (Busybees Logistics Solutions Private Limited) our mission is to provide reliable and fast logistics solutions to our partners through our extensive network. In alignment with our mission and as a part of our ongoing sustainability efforts we have developed this Code of Conduct for Suppliers (“COC”) who plays a major part in extension of our business. “Supplier” here means any business, company, corporation, person or other entity that provides, sells, or seeks to sell, any kind of goods or services to Xpressbees, including the Supplier's employees, agents and other representatives. Compliance with this COC is an expectation of doing business responsibly and ethically with Xpressbees. There are ethical and social responsibilities that extend beyond the services we provide and products we make. Accordingly, this COC defines the non-negotiable minimum standards that we ask our suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers or sub-contractors (collectively herein referred to as “the Supplier”), to respect and adhere to.

Our goal is to work with Suppliers who embrace and comply with the principles of our COC, and, in turn, to have these Suppliers encourage compliance with such principles from any suppliers with whom they work in the delivery of goods or services. We particularly expect our suppliers to support, embrace and enact the following standards which are based on well-respected and recognized domestic and international standards, including the International Labor Organization, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and industry best practice.

1. Ethical practices
To meet social responsibilities, suppliers are expected to conduct their business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity. Ethical requirements include the following aspects:

Business Integrity
Suppliers are expected not to practice or tolerate any form of corruption, extortion or embezzlement. Suppliers will not offer or accept bribes or other unlawful incentives to/from their business partners. Suppliers are expected not to offer to Buyer/any of Xpressbees employee’s gifts or any other kind of personal benefit resulting from the relationships with the suppliers.

Xpressbees defines bribery as “directly or indirectly giving or receiving (or even offering) anything of value for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, to win a business advantage, or to influence a decision regarding Xpressbees. This includes bribes related to: obtaining licenses or regulatory approvals, preventing negative government actions, reducing taxes, avoiding duties or custom fees, or blocking a competitor from bidding on business.” Xpressbees is committed to doing business with integrity and in compliance with the highest anti-corruption standards. Suppliers will conduct themselves with honesty, fairness, and high ethical standards, as well as abide by all anticorruption and bribery laws and avoid even the perception of impropriety or a conflict of interest in all business interactions.

Fair Competition
Suppliers will conduct their business in line with fair competition and in accordance with all applicable anti-trust laws. Suppliers shall maintain all standards of fair business, advertising and competition using appropriate means to safeguard customer information at all time.

Products and Services
The Supplier shall be committed to supplying products and services of high quality that meet all applicable standards. The products and services offered shall comply with applicable laws, including product packaging, labeling and after-sales service obligations. The Supplier shall market its products and services on their own merits and not make unfair or misleading statements about the products and services of competitors.

Privacy & Intellectual Property
Suppliers will safeguard and make only appropriate use of confidential information and ensure that all its employees’ and business partners’ privacy and valid intellectual property rights are protected.

2. Health, Safety and Environment
Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy working environment and, if applicable, safe and healthy company living quarters, and to operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Regulations
Suppliers will comply with all applicable quality, health, safety and environmental regulations. All required permits, licenses and registrations will be obtained, maintained and kept up-to-date. Suppliers will fulfill their operational and reporting requirements. The Supplier shall strive for environmental sustainability, particularly with regard to the emission of greenhouse gases, consumption of water and energy, and the management of waste and hazardous materials

Environmental Permits and Regulations
Suppliers must obtain and keep latest required environmental permits, approvals, and registrations and follow applicable operational and reporting requirements.

Wages and Benefits
Our suppliers must pay their workers in a timely manner and provide compensation (including overtime pay and benefits) that, at a minimum, satisfies applicable laws. Suppliers must provide to their workers the basis on which workers are being paid in a timely manner. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure are not permitted.

Conditions of working must be based on an individual’s ability to do the job, not on personal characteristics or beliefs. Our suppliers must not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, political opinion, pregnancy, marital or family status, or similar factors in hiring and working practices such as job applications, promotions, job assignments, training, wages, benefits, and termination.

Fair Treatment
All workers must be treated with respect and dignity. Our suppliers must not engage in or permit physical, verbal, or psychological abuse or coercion, including threats of violence, sexual harassment, or unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting work and residential facilities.

Workers must be provided with reasonable access to clean toilet facilities and potable drinking water. If suppliers provide a canteen or other food accommodations, they must include sanitary food preparation, storage, and eating accommodations.

Child or Forced Labour
The Supplier shall not employ Child labour or shall not use forced or slave labour of any type (e.g. bonded, indentured, prison, or involuntary labour).

3. IPR and Confidentiality
Suppliers will safeguard and make only appropriate use of confidential information and ensure that all its employees’ and business partners’ privacy and valid intellectual property rights are protected.

Confidential Information
The Supplier/ Vendor/Partner should not disclose Xpressbees’s confidential/ intellectual property information with any other individual/body outside its own organization. The following broad guidelines should be followed in dealing with such information.

  • i.Until the material information has been publicly released by Xpressbees, the Supplier, Vendor & Partner must not disclose it to anyone.
  • ii.Supplier, Vendor & Partner must not buy or sell Xpressbees’s securities when they have knowledge of material information concerning the company until it has been disclosed to the public and the public has had sufficient time to absorb the information.

Information Privacy

  • i.Supplier must comply with Xpressbees’s Privacy Policy, and must use customers’/Xpressbees employees’ personal information obtained through their relationship with Xpressbees only for the purpose defined for them and stated in covenants of the agreement or contract.
  • ii.In case Supplier is dealing with important information of our customers and Xpressbees employees, they must store their personal information as agreed with Xpressbees and have appropriate information security/privacy policies and procedures in place to ensure secure access to such personal information.
  • iii.The subscriber information so generated, cannot be sold, traded or used in any other manner by the Supplier. In case Supplier has to essentially use this information due to requirement of Xpressbees, written permission should be taken from Xpressbees prior to its use.

4. Subcontracting
Supplier will not use any sub-contractor in connection with any Xpressbees’s business unless subcontractor abides by the same conditions as put forth by Xpressbees in terms of confidentiality and security of Xpressbees’s information and assets. Xpressbees should be informed in advance and agrees to the same being sub-contracted and the sub-contractor has received a copy of this Code of Conduct and has agreed to abide by the same.

5. Anti-Corruption (Gifts and Hospitality)
Business gifts and hospitality are sometimes used in the normal course of business activity. However, if offers of gifts or hospitality (including entertainment or travel) are frequent or of substantial value, they may create the perception of, or an actual conflict of interest or an 'illicit payment'. We at Xpressbees follow NO GIFT POLICY. All the Vendors/Suppliers/Service Provider are required, at all times to comply with the anti-corruption policy available at

6. Reporting of non-compliance
Every Supplier at Xpressbees is responsible for addressing violations or potential violations of the laws, Xpressbees’s Code of Conduct or internal policies. Suppliers should immediately contact and report Xpressbees, in case of serious compliance breaches and illegal business practices or the Compliance function or allied violations at

All reported issues will be carefully assessed by Xpressbees and in appropriate cases, the case will be managed as per the regulations and procedures for handling reported compliance concerns. The confidentiality of information given by the individual reporting a compliance violation will be protected to the maximum extent possible. The recipient of the information of Xpressbees may share it only on a need-to-know basis consistent with applicable law. Xpressbees will respect the request of confidentiality and anonymous reporting.

7. Summary and wrap-up
With our COC we have outlined the behavior that we at Xpressbees expect with regard to executing business. It is the duty of every single Supplier of Xpressbees to ensure their compliance with its rules and regulations and our corporate values. Non-Compliance of this COC shall attract appropriate consequences. Standards which are subjected to the breach of government rules and regulations the penalty shall be applicable as per the government guidelines. Xpressbees will discontinue all the business transaction with the Supplier who is in breach of this COC and the defaulting Supplier shall be blacklisted by Xpressbees and no further business shall be given to that Supplier.

This Code of Conduct and the matters contained herein are neither a contract of employment nor a guarantee of continuing Company policy. We reserve the right to amend, supplement or discontinue this Code of Conduct and the matters addressed herein, without prior notice, at any time.

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